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Dino Bo Karts ( Battery Run)

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Our Bocarts are powered leisure Go-Karts for maximum off road fun! 

They are handmade in Denmark by Europe’s largest manufacturer of powered go-carts and are suitable for both cross-country and track use.  They can be used by all older members of the family and have a throttle limiter which can reduce the speed to approximately 15-20km/h.

The engines used on these carts are manufactured by the two largest small engine manufacturers in the world: Briggs & Stratton and Honda - these are generally regarded as the best smaller engines available - very reliable and deliver top notch performance.

Driving one of these Go Karts ,with their high traction ATV tyres making you spin round corners, is superb fun!! 

Prices include FREE delivery in Mainland UK 

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Bocart Savannah 9hp

£2865.00 Bocart Savannah - Buy Now

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