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Order Line:
01702 582 545

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Marvel Spiderman Pedal Car

Marvel Spiderman Pedal Car 
(Includes Free Delivery in Mainland UK)
£190 Spiderman Pedal car - Buy Now Out of Stock
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Spiderman Pedal Car

Age: Suitable for age 5 and under
Push Pedals
Steel Chassis
Sports steering wheel
Wing mirrors
Genuine licensed Marvel product.
110 x 52cm

Tough Polyethylene bodywork - very strong and flexible
Paint deep injected means scratches can be buffed away.

Spiderman Pedal Car  £190 Spiderman Pedal Car - Buy Now

Toys Toys are the only children’s car manufacturer to work directly with the designers and engineers of the leading car brands such as Porsche, Ferrari and Mercedes. Such brands expect the same precision and excellence in the replica cars as they do with the real versions, and as a result Toys Toys produce the highest quality cars which look almost identical to the real thing and are built to last.

Toys Toys understand that these cars will be loved by children for years – and so all of the licensed cars are built to last with steel chassis and polyethylene bodywork. The paintwork is shot deeply into the bodywork so scratches can easily be wiped away, and the flexible bodywork means the car will not dent. They are assembled by expert, skilled workers in Europe so not only do we know they are great quality, but you don’t have to worry about putting it all together when it arrives. 
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